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Shortly after the birth of her daughter Rebekah Beddoe was diagnosed with post-natal depression. Two years later she was taking six different drugs, including lithium, a tranquilliser, an antipsychotic, and antidepressants. She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder; given electric-shock therapy; made numerous attempts on her life; and was alternately manic and consumed by crippling despair during which she could barely move. She had a two-year-old daughter she hardly knew and a mother and partner who were at their wits' end, unable to recognise the formerly ambitious, vibrant and highly successful woman they loved.

This is a powerful memoir of the nightmarish three years Rebekah endured as she was repeatedly misdiagnosed, only to realise that her medication was the cause of her mental deterioration. Rebekah calls for better information from the pharmaceutical companies about the risks associated with antidepressants and similar classes of drugs - facts, rather than marketing dressed up as medical science - and for a re-examination of the ways some psychiatrists treat their patients. 

' This book shows that the inappropriate use of antidepressants constitutes a major health threat and sounds a note of caution for depression-awareness campaigns. '

Professor Jon Jureidini

Adelaide University

' Dying for a Cure calls out for a movie to be made of it . . . exposing the kinds of abuse Rebekah Beddoe outlines so vividly. '


' An absolute must read for anyone who works with people in mental distress, not only for its utterly absorbing content, but also for the fluency, flair and skill with which it is written . . . A prodigious writing talent. '

Human givens, journal of mental health

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