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Twelve years on and still so relevant

I'd never have thought in the February of 2007, when my book Dying for a Cure hit the shelves all brand-spanking new, that I'd be driven to start a blog influenced by my book some12 years on.

It's fantastic that my book is still widely available, there's still plenty to be learnt from it. I go back and forth, however, over whether or not it's such a good thing that it's as relevant now as it was twelve years ago with regard to treatment of mental health patients by psychiatry.

For all the promises of new generation drugs, mental illness continues to rise. Psychiatrists, by and large, adhere as strongly to the medical model of mental illness treatment now as they did twelve years ago.

Encouragingly, there appears to be a small tide of change happening in some factions and mildly dissenting groups among mental health professionals. I look forward to discussing those in some depth as this blog continues, as well as a myriad of topics relating to our mental health system, and the individuals enmeshed in it, both professional and patient.

Talk again soon,

Rebekah Beddoe

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